WATCH Only In Malta … Fight Breaks Out Between Two Delivery Men

We don’t know where… or why… but for some reason, two grown a** men, in delivery uniforms, ended up in a fistfight and someone (thankfully) caught it all on camera.

Wolt VS bolt 😂😂 u le lool

Publiée par Chantelle Cassar sur Lundi 20 juillet 2020

Can you imagine getting notified that your food has arrived, going out to get it, and finding this mess in front of you?

We’ve thought up a couple of scenarios as to why they could be beating each other up … here’s what we have so far:

  • One of them dropped the food, so he was trying to steal the other’s as to not show up to his delivery empty-handed.
  • They were taking part in some race, the first to deliver is the winner.
  • They’re just two random guys in costumes who got into a fight.
  • They’re really passionate about what they do, and rivalry got the best of them?

I mean honestly, we could sit here and come up with a thousand theories as to why they ended up in a brawl – none of them would excuse the fact that they are punching each other like there’s no tomorrow.

But, you have to admit – although dangerous… it is kind of funny (especially with the added song for effects).

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