WATCH: One of 2020’s Biggest Hits ‘Blinding Lights’ Gets a Maltese Twist With This Banda Inspired Cover

Being self-isolated at home gives you the perfect opportunity to get those creative juices flowing, and work on things you really love doing. And lets just say that isolation has been inspiring many of us.

While some of us have been cooking up delicious cakes, baking bread, or creating unique make-up looks, others have been making amazing covers of hit songs, like brains behind ‘Tikka Banda’, Justin Formosa did, when he gave The Weeknd’s uber-popular hit music song, ‘Blindling Lights’, the ultimate, Maltese banda twist.

Check it out!

TEKTIKA MID-DAR | “Blinding Lights" brass cover by Justin Formosa

TEKTIKA MID-DAR | Justin Formosa presents The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights" song, a multitrack piece on the Bb Baritone! Now it's your turn to be part of TEKTIKA MID-DAR. Spare five minutes and fill up this participation form! ➡️ creative! It could be a solo piece, virtual duet or ensemble! You choose, we upload! 🎼🎹 🥁🎷🎺🎸…#TektikaMidDar #TikkaBanda #TektekNota #MusicBringsPeopleTogether #MarchingBand #StreetBand #musicians #woodwind #brass #percussion #flute #clarinet #saxophone #trumpet #euphonium #trombone #tuba #drums #guitar #piano #music #support #quarantinemusic #COVID19 #coronavirus #StaySafe #KeepingYouSafe #flimkien #nieħduħsiebxulxin #Malta 🇲🇹 🇪🇺 🌈

Publiée par Tikka Banda sur Lundi 13 avril 2020

And this is what ‘Tikka Banda’ is all about. They grab the most popular, and latest hits, and give them that nice Maltese banda spin we know and love. There’s loads more where this came from too on their Facebook page!

Justin tells us how this cover is all part of an initiative ‘Tikka Banda’ have created, called ‘Tektika Mid-Dar’, inspiring budding band members to create their own song, or a version of an already existing song, using nothing but their instruments.

“This current situation has left a negative impact. Planned projects and bookings have been cancelled. The sudden change in everyday routine has even affected my mental wellbeing for these last five weeks, but  I found that my musical and creative abilities can help me to go through this surreal situation.”

“The idea with Tektika Mid-Dar is to use our musical abilities to entertain people. We intend to reach the community and share our musical and creative abilities virtually while keeping our audiences engaged.”

Have you got some nifty instrument skills you want to share? Want to be a part of Tektika Mid-Dar? Just follow this link for guidelines on how to apply!

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