WATCH: No Excuses Anymore! You Can Now Take Cynergi With You, Wherever You Go


How many of you start the year with a gym membership, and then come up with all sorts of excuses to not go? – “I’m Busy!”, “I have a family event”, “today is a Cheat Day”?

There are literally no excuses now as Cynergi have just launched CYNERGI PLUS!



Through this personalized fitness coaching service you will gain access to your own personal fitness coach including 1-on-1 meeting with your trainer, live and on-demand classes and even your very own custom-made nutrition plans.



The app in fact, which in and of itself is super easy-to-use, your trainer will set up your programme with videos which are complete with resting times, sets, weights and more. Put simply, your personal trainer will be in your pocket!



Moreover, your trainer will also build your very own customised training plan no matter where you want to work out. Your progress will be monitored daily and changes will be made to your plan accordingly.

Your personal trainer will be available on chat through the very convenient messaging feature on the app, so he or she will be there for you should you need any help! Sounds simple right?



The Cynergi Plus App gives you the facility to also slot in a convenient online meeting with your personal trainer, or even a face-to-face one. All these meetings will go together with your workouts on the calendar feature.



We all know that the first wealth is your health, and thanks to Cynergi Plus, your personal trainer will be able to guide you to the most appropriate nutrition plans, which will be made just for you!



Cynergi Plus is available in three different tiers, starting from €69 monthly (Plus Lite), €99 monthly (Plus), €149 monthly (Plus Pro).

What are you waiting for? It’s never too late to take care of yourself! Find Out More, by CLICKING HERE!