WATCH: New Trailer Drops For Local Period Drama ‘Blood On The Crown’


The trailer for a locally produced and filmed period drama, Blood On The Crown, starring Harvey Keitel and Malcolm McDowell, has dropped and is ready to give audiences a glimpse into a rich part of Maltese history. ..



One of the most fascinating things about being a Maltese citizen is that we live on a small Island that’s bursting with rich history. And now, Blood On The Crown is ready to depict a part of our nation’s story, following the final days of the First World War, when Malta revolted for independence against the British.



Based on real events, two British officers are assigned with controlling the riots and covering up the bloody encounter, as innocent protesters are jailed and murdered.


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Meanwhile, the film illustrates the disguised account of how Maltese citizens fought for their independence back in 1919. Due to the mishaps and the cover-up by the British government that followed, the revolution is not widely known or documented…



Over 115 Maltese citizens, primarily young adolescents, were blamed for the violence and were sentenced to life in jail, but little is known about the true cause of events.



Blood On The Crown is written and produced by Jean-Pierre Magro, produced by Pedja Miletic and Aaron Briffa, and directed by Davide Ferrario. Roland Joffe and Shayne Putzlocher serve as Executive Producers.


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