WATCH: Netflix releases Emotional video “Motherhood in Focus”


The renowned streaming service, Netflix, dropped a heart-warming video in honour of all mothers who work in Hollywood, bringing motherhood into focus, and we’re totally here for it!



Netflix released the short video along with a statement, “To the working moms in Hollywood, the moms who direct and act and produce and shoot, the moms who bring unforgettable stories to our screens: We see you. Keep leading like a mother, hustling like a mother, and showing everyone what a mother can do.”

The video, which is voiced by Brooklyn 99’s Melissa Fumero, features Senda Bonnet, Rachel Bloom, Bridget Savage Cole, Marta Cross, Lara Everly from That 70s show, Marie Jamora, Jaika Lara-Quirt, Rachel Morrison – among others.

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