WATCH: Netflix Releases a First Look at The New Yorkshire Ripper Documentary


Following the serial killer’s death last week, aged 74, Netflix drops a first look trailer of its new true-crime docuseries, based on the Yorkshire killer, The Ripper, and is set for release on the 16th of December.

The Ripper, which is created by the same team who produced the hit documentary, Don’t Fu*ck with Cats, is a 4-part documentary which follows the case that haunts England till today, as they hear from journalists, investigators, the victims’ families, and survivors about Peter Sutcliffe’s reign of terror in the 70s, who killed 13 women, alongside 7 murder attempts.



As the series delves into why Sutcliffe evaded capture for so long, the audience gains insight into the predominant prejudices and discrimination that played a big role in the investigation – as well as how the murdered women were tragically disappointed by the investigating officers.

In the trailer, Sutcliffe is described as ‘one of the most cunning killers’ to ever be traced, with little to none being done since his first victims were sex workers, a headline unfortunately often overlooked – until a woman who wasn’t a prostitute was killed, then all hell broke loose…



Many partook in street protests, as the participants explained that they didn’t have faith that the police would catch him, seeing as the killer spent 5 years on the run.



Netflix also posted the trailer together with the entire list of names of Sutcliffe’s victims in a bid to mark their memory.