WATCH: Netflix Drops Thrilling Trailer For ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4


Alright, Stranger Things fans – the time has come… Netflix has FINALLY dropped the ominous teaser for the upcoming, fourth season of Stranger Things, and things aren’t looking good for Eleven…



From what we can tell, the teaser appears to be set at the Hawkins National Laboratory, hinting at the return of Dr. Martin Brenner – a shadowy figure, who looks awfully like the ruthless doctor, walks down the hall of a dimly lit facility to greet a group of kids who call him Papa, like Eleven did.



“I have something very special planned for you,” he says, and the camera pans to a door labelled “11.” “Eleven, are you listening?” the voice asks. Her eyes snap open and with that, the trailer goes dark. Oof.



So, we don’t know if this clip is a flashback or a dream, but producers have indeed confirmed that Dr. Brenner is still alive.



Back in February, the streaming giant also revealed that another character, Jim Hopper, who is presumed to be dead, is set to return…




However, there’s currently no word on when Season 4 will premiere on Netflix.

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