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WATCH: Neil Agius Has Officially Completed The 100km Sicily-Malta Swimming Challenge

He’s done it!  Neil Agius has just made it to St Julian’s, reaching the end of the swimming challenge, which he started in the early hours of yesterday.

Neil is now officially the second person to ever complete the mammoth task of swimming the distance between Sicily to Malta.

Publiée par Swimming Workshop sur Vendredi 26 juin 2020

Neil swam a total of a 100km from Sicily to Malta. He only had a swimsuit and goggles on; no wet-suit, and for the duration of the swim, he wasn’t able to get aboard any boats. This is also the third consecutive year that Neil completed a swimming challenge of the sort, but none have been as extreme as this.

The guy is an absolute legend!

Neil did all of this as a part of the #waveofchange. He only asks you to do a little something simple to help make this amazing achievement, all the more wort-hit.

“All I’m asking is for people to join the Wave Of Change. Just pick up three pieces of plastic, put up a photo with a #waveofchange, and tag 3 friends or colleagues to do the same.”

Well done Neil – we can’t wait to see what challenge you’ll come up with next year.