WATCH: National Geographic Reveals COVID-19 Documentary


With the ongoing pandemic still tremendously affecting several cities around the globe, Oscar-nominated director Matthew Heineman has decided to create a documentary based on COVID-19 and how it consumed New York City last year.



The film, titled ‘The First Wave’, has been acquired by National Geographic Documentary Films, and will be released in theatres later on this year.



In a statement, Heineman shared, ‘I feel deeply honored that I had the opportunity to document — through our subjects over four terrifying months — the impact of this pandemic. It has forced us to question everything, the fragility of our lives, and the way we live’.



‘The film explores every aspect of the human condition — fear and courage, death and birth, and the inescapable weight of trauma, both the kind that is deeply held and also newly experienced.’, he added.



Produced by Participant alongside Heineman’s Our Time Projects, the documentary will delve closely into how healthcare front-liners had to manage multiple cases for the first four months of the outbreak in Queens.



The film will also highlight the ‘unequal toll of COVID-19, which disproportionately impacted people of color and the economically disadvantaged from the very beginning’.


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