Naked tourist fined €1,000 for climbing Maltese fountain

A South African tourist has appeared in court after climbing Malta’s Triton Fountain while stark naked.

Cheeky holidaymaker Keane Maske, 24, was accused of breach of the peace, offending public morals and appearing naked in a public place.

A video showing him clambering up the fountain in the buff, went viral after first appearing on NET News.

It is illegal to jump into the Triton Fountain, throw rubbish in the water or fish out coins.

The court sentenced the man to a fine of €1,000 as well as three months in prison, suspended for two years.

Social media users described it as another assault on Malta’s heritage.

One woman wrote: ‘What a disrespectful moron. I hope they lock him up and fine him.’

Another posted: ‘Look at all the idiots with their cameras. A loser in the fountain, and a crowd of losers filming him.’

A man added: ‘This is outrageous. We need some security to protect the Triton Fountain especially as it cost so much to repair and restore.’

Photo: Fritz Photography Video: Net News

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