WATCH: Muzika Muzika Winner Glen Vella Releases New Music Video


Following his recent win on Mużika Mużika, Glen Vella has finally released the music video for his winning song, Ħarsa Biss…and it is STUNNING!



Taking to Instagram, the local singer explained that the visual was filmed as ‘a one-shot video with an innovative concept that required long hours of rehearsals and filming’. The video was also filmed at Fort St. Angelo in Birgu.



Meanwhile, CEO of Festivals Malta, Annabelle Stivala, added, ‘after the success of Mużika Mużika, Festivals Malta immediately started working on the music video for the winning song, a high-quality production that reflects the quality of the festival itself and which features various special effects’.


‘We realised that this was a very complex project, but that did not stop us, we involved several people and everyone had to work together in order to film the one-shot video,’ added the video’s Artistic director, Joseph Cauchi.



The chairman behind the festival, Raymond Bugeja, also said that this visual was an investment that the Mużika Mużika board plan to adopt for every winning song in the future.

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