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WATCH: MTEAM Release Their Retro-ific Video for Are You With Me!


Last Friday, MTEAM were on Bay Breakfast with Daniel and Ylenia to play their latest single, for the first-time ever, on 89.7 Bay. A few minutes ago, they have released their music video for this great tune!

The music video, directed by Steve Levi and filmed by Andrew Randon, is a psychedelic trip to an 80’s prom night. Spacemen meet bearded cowboys while a show host gets put in his place by his own special guest.



“We wanted to create something that could be released in a parallel universe. This gave us so much creativity but at the same time posed challenges to create something very unique but at the same time stylistically uniform.”




“We are super happy with what we have created. Steve’s vision complemented the track perfectly. We decided not to release the song before the music video as we want the viewers to experience audio and visual together, to get the best experience possible,” MTEAM said!