WATCH: Mqabba Littering Hooligans Caught On CCTV Footage

Earlier this week, Mayor of Mqabba, Omar Farrugia shared a sorry sight left behind after a considerable amount of litter was disposed of right next to a bring-in site, instead of being thrown away in their appropriate bins.

“Would you like me to roll out the red carpet for you? So that you could better place the garbage you’ve just disposed of a few minutes ago? That’s what you get for working hard to keep this village as clean as possible? People like these, feeling like taking the piss…

I’ll soon have footage, showing your identity. Just as you had absolutely no problem making this kind of mess, the authorities won’t find any problem in taking the necessary actions against you.

It’s incredible how in the year 2020, there are still people with the mentality around. Enjoy the consequences for your action. Absolutely shameful.”

And true to his word, the Mayor posted screenshots with footage of these littering hooligans in the act. You can see a truck pulling over with two people leaving their waste in front of the bins instead of disposing of them properly.

“All it took them was 5 minutes, to make a mess out of a whole zone. 

GreenPal delivered this footage of the irresponsible individuals that made this mess in front of the iBins in Hal Kirkop road. The footage has been given to the authorities so they can proceed with the necessary actions against these people.

We are working on giving our council access to camera footage of this kind, so that they could easily be transferred to the authorities when necessary.”