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WATCH: Moving Truck Struck By Lightning On Camera

lightning strike


While on vacation in Florida, a woman managed to catch the horrific moment her husband’s truck was struck by lightning.


On Friday, July 1, while returning to their hotel in Tampa, Michaelle Whalen was following her husband Edward when lightning struck his car on the I-75 west of St. Petersburg and caused sparks to fly from its roof.



Whalen accidentally caught the heart-stopping moment while photographing the thunderstorm; the video has now received nearly 900,000 views on Twitter.




Michaelle could be heard screaming in the horrifying video as the bolt rebounded off her husband’s truck and caused flames and sparks to flash in front of her windscreen.


Numerous social media users sent comments under the popular video wishing the family well.



Luckily, nobody was hurt in the strike, but Edward admitted the bolt left his truck ‘completely fried’.