WATCH: Money Heist’s ‘El Professor’ Sings Bella Ciao Live on Stream

Money Heist’s fourth season dropped a few days ago and it’s safe to say that many of us have binge watched it in a couple of days. Season five and six have been confirmed and 2021 can’t come soon enough.

But our Money Heist thirst has been partially quenched thanks to actor Álvaro Morte who plays the professor in the series. The guy just went and sang a part of ‘Bella Ciao’ on live stream while chatting with his fans.

Check it out!

El profesor cantando “Bella Ciao” será lo mejor que verás hoy.

Publiée par Tokyo sur Mardi 7 avril 2020

The Italian folk song “Bella Ciao” is featured often in the Netflix series La Casa de Papel/Money Heist. It has been sung by several of the characters since the show first aired in 2017.

We’ve been hearing the song in more or less every party, club and bar we’ve visited in the past two years, and we’re not even mad… the song is a banger!

Tokyo explains the meaning of the song during one of her narrations at the beginning of the series. “The life of The Professor revolved around one idea: Resistance. His grandfather, who had fought against the fascists in Italy, taught him the song—and he taught it to us,” Tokyo says on the show.

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