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WATCH: Middle-aged Gozitan man is killing it in the TikTok scene

It seems like a Salvu Romp, a Gozitan man, from Nadur to be exact, is living our best TikTok fantasies, creating relatable content that just cracks you up.

He’s in it, competing with the young ones, and boy has he got our attention.

Without further ado, here are some of Salvu’s most entertaining TikToks

The struggle of getting that last bit of toothpaste is real

@salvuromp♬ original sound – salvuromp

Literally every broom performance in the world ever

@salvuromp♬ You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul (Remastered) – Modern Talking

My relationship with my wallet ever since the 2nd of January

@salvuromp♬ original sound – salvuromp

No caption needed for this…

@salvuromp♬ original sound – salvuromp

Someone give this guy a TikTok medal already

@salvuromp♬ original sound – salvuromp

I mean, he even pulled off the CARLTON DANCE!

@salvuromp♬ It’s Not Unusual – Tom Jones (Tribute) – Studio Sunset

He works out too

@salvuromp♬ I work out – katjaglieson


And we are leaving you with this gem of a TikTok right here

@salvuromp♬ Shut up (And Sleep with Me) – Ostkurve vs. Sin With Sebastian

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