WATCH: Michela Pace’s Chameleon Covered On The Voice


Remember when Michela Pace represented Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2019? Well her song ‘Chameleon’ has recently been covered on The Voice Kids Belgium and we couldn’t be prouder.



After winning the first edition of X-Factor Malta, local singer Michela Pace  earned the honour of representing the country at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest which took place in Tel Aviv, Israel with the song ‘Chameleon’. She passed through the semi-finals and finished in the 14th place in the grand final.



Although almost three years passed from that Eurovision Song Contest, her song is still one of everyone’s favourites – even in Belgium! ‘Chameleon’ is certainly Joandel’s favourite because he recently auditioned with the song for The Voice Kids Belgium.



During the audition, Joandel turned the studio upside down when he sang ‘Chameleon’. In fact, the song surely rang a bell with one of the judges, Dutch singer-songwriter Duncan Laurence who won that edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with the song ‘Arcade’.