WATCH: Michela Agius Debuts Music Video for ‘All The Way’


23 year old Michela Agius debuts the music video for her new release ‘ All The Way’. The track written by Michela herself along with Matt Muxu Mercieca and Peter Borg was produced at Railway Studios and featured arrangements by REK’s Aleandro Spiteri Monsigneur.



‘’All the way’ is now Michela’s third release and with every track, she shows how she is maturing as musically and is morphing into an all-rounder kind of artist . This one is her darkest and feistiest yet. The video was directed by one of the most sought after music video directors Steven Levi Vella.



Throughout the last few years, Michela has been working on various projects, collaborations and even had one of the leading roles in the internationally acclaimed musical ‘We Will Rock You’ which was held at the MCC last October.



We are quite sure that this upcoming artist as she is surely set to make her mark on the music scene.



When we asked Michela to tell us something about herself, she states  ‘’I’m myself when I make music, listen to music and perform to music, I think that itself tells you more about me than I ever will’’

Tune in to Malta’s Top 10, Mondays at 9pm with Jake, to see whether Michela will make Malta’s iconic local chart show!

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