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WATCH: Michael J Fox Reprises His Back to the Future Role In Lil Nas X’s New Music Video


Looks like Lil Nas X is cooking up something fresh to end of the year of the pandemic, and he’s got an epic cameo up his sleeve!



In this teaser for his new track Holiday, Lil Nas X reminds fans of his smash hit single Old Town Road that put his name on the top of the Billboard 100 Chart for an impressive 19 weeks. Most of its success can be attributed to the huge viral traction it gained on TikTok!

The best part of the teaser (apart from a drunk Santa getting tossed out of a saloon) is a cameo by one of the most iconic time-travellers in movie history; Marty McFly!



Although he only gets a few seconds of screen-time in the teaser, that was just enough to get Back To The Future fans like me to go absolutely nuts for the teaser, not to mention that McFly hilariously tells Santa Nas X not to go to 2020!



It’s always great to see icons like Michale J. Fox brought back into modern pop-culture! Fingers crossed that Marty McFly gets a bigger part in the full video!



It seems like he’s teaming up with legendary trap producer Tay Keith, who has produced massively successful Hip-Hop tracks like Travis Scott’s Sicko Mode, so we know that this holiday track is going to be an absolute banger.

At the end of the teaser, Lil Nas X reveals this track will be dropping on the 13th November, which is only three days from the time of this article!



Just from the few seconds that we hear of the hook, I already know that this track is going to be stuck in our heads for the entire holiday season!