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WATCH: Men all around the globe are dipping their balls in soy sauce, and here’s why

Yes you heard that right. Men are dipping their family jewels in soy sauce, and it’s not because ‘boys will be boys.’

A study from 2013 resurfaced and went viral on Twitter. The study reveals that your chicken tenders basically have taste receptors.

And with that piece of news, the myth busters got to work, testing out the theory to see if it’s true.

Why we actually have taste buds outside of our mouth is still unclear, but the testicles aren’t the only home to foreign taste receptors.

These can also be found in your stomach, lungs, brain … and to put it nicely, where the sun don’t shine (please don’t make me write it).

And while the study is pretty much old news now, one TikTok user took things to a whole new level when she basically created the testicle soy sauce challenge, urging male users to try and dip their boys in something to see if they actually taste it, for the name of science, of course.

@cryinginthecarplease I need to know♬ original sound – cryinginthecar

And sure enough, men from all around the globe have been giving it a try…

@alxjamesoh.. my god….. 🤭😳♬ original sound – alxjames

One British guy even tried dipping his testicles in tea to see if he would taste that, and the result is absolutely hilarious.

@weirdhaf3I did this for scientific purposes 😅😅💯 #science #weird #tea #english #ballchallenge #foryou♬ original sound – weirdhaf3


We honestly don’t know how to feel about it, but please, if someone does attempt this and it actually works, hit us up because we are dying to know!

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