WATCH: Mellieha turns into a Proper Winter Wonderland!


Spring might have started but in Mellieha yesterday it somehow began to look a lot like Christmas. This was following a couple of hailstorms which took place throughout the day yesterday.

Our friends over at The Weather Page Malta gave us quite the treat yesterday as they uploaded photos of what Mellieha looked like, as well as an impressive lookaround at Mellieha Bay covered in hail.


Mellieha Bay

Simply incredible! Mellieha Bay transformed into a WINTER WONDERLAND as hail carpets part of Malta this evening! 😍😱🌨❄☃📷

Publiée par The Weather Page Malta sur Jeudi 26 mars 2020


A pretty impressive amount of hail in Mellieha tonight! 😍😱❄️☃️🥶📷

Publiée par The Weather Page Malta sur Jeudi 26 mars 2020



Bay fan Raymond Mifsud sent us these photos too, taken yesterday in Mellieha.




Today, expect some more isolated showers, which MIGHT have some hail too.  Have you got more shots from yesterday’s hailstorm? Send them to us and we’ll pop them over on our socials!



LIVE! HAIL blankets parts of Malta and Gozo RIGHT NOW! 😱🌧❄🌨☃😍🥶 What is the weather like near you? ❤DIRETT! Is-SILĠ jiksi t-toroq f'partijiet ta' Malta u Għawdex BĦALISSA! 😱🌧❄🌨☃😍🥶 Kif inhu t-temp ħdejk? ❤🎥 Victor Bonett

Publiée par The Weather Page Malta sur Jeudi 26 mars 2020

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