WATCH: Matthew James talks Bullying, X Factor Malta and More in Latest Episode of Homegrown with Jake

Jake is back with another episode of Homegrown, this time around with Maltese artist Matthew James.

Get to know all about Matthew James’ transition from being a part of a band, to becoming a soloist, how he started his career, his part in X Factor Malta and more.

Talking a bit about Caroline Fleck and her tragic death, Jake and Matthew discuss online bullying in Malta.

Being a public figure, Matthew James shares how nowadays, when posting anything online, especially over the last two years, it’s inevitable … you’re bound to get negative comments on whatever it is you are sharing.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a complete interview with Matthew James if Jake didn’t ask about REK…

Some quick-fire questions quickly backfired on Jake as he asks the golden question:

“The hit song you created with REK? Or your song as a soloist?” Matthew James’ reply? I’m sure Jake wasn’t expecting that.

And perhaps the highlight of the podcast, is Matthew James’ performance of his hit ‘Road Trip’ and a beautiful rendition of Billy Eilish’s ‘When the Party’s Over’.

You can take a look at the whole interview and performance, below!

Homegrown Episode 5 – Matthew James

On this episode of Homegrown Jake sits down with Matthew James to talk about Cyber Bullying, X Factor Malta, international opportunities and more!Watch Matthew James' performance of his hit 'Road Trip' and his amazing rendition of Billie Eilish's 'When The Party's Over'

Publiée par 89.7 Bay sur Lundi 27 avril 2020

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