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WATCH: Matthew James and Ira Losco Launch ‘In the Rain’, described as a ‘Bittersweet Lullaby’


2020 has been a year full of projects and song releases for singer/songwriter/producer Matthew James. Collaborating with artists such as The Busker and forming new electro-pop-wave band sensation MTEAM, Matthew James has spent more than a quarter of the year at the number one position in the 2020 local song charts.

To celebrate a productive year, Matthew James has now collaborated with pop superstar Ira Losco, to bring us a bittersweet lullaby, IN THE RAIN, that really hits the right chords, especially in these times we are experiencing.



“It’s a tough time we are living in” Matthew tells Bay. “It is important not to be sucked into the darkness but instead be the light that gives hope.”

“IN THE RAIN is a song about hope, compassion, making ‘wrongs’….’right’ again and about seizing the moment, Ira says.

“Of course, the rain isn’t always pleasant, but we can dance in it and make it a special moment, a temporary moment of letting go, release, spontaneity, and a memory to hold onto forever!”



Produced, mixed, and mastered by Howard Keith from JaggedHouse Studios, In the Rain brings Matthew’s signature acoustic vibes to the sonic world of 2020.