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WATCH: Massive “Accident” in Floriana, But It is Not What it Seems!


If you were heading out of Valletta yesterday you might have realised that St Anne’s Street was closed for traffic. A short clip that was doing the rounds on social media later showed what seemed to be one massive traffic accident involving a number of cars.

Eagle-eyed viewers would have spotted a drone filming the scene, and after that, it was really a case of 1+1=2!



Reliable sources have in fact told Bay that this is one of the many sequences which is being shot in Malta for the upcoming Jurassic World movie. Our gut feeling tells us that a T-Rex will be causing havoc in Floriana and the pile-up is a result of a massive chase.

What WE know for sure however, is that we already can’t wait to see how it will all look, once its premiered!