WATCH: Man Sings ‘It’s Coming Home’ Whilst His Wife Goes Into Labour


We have finally made it to the UEFA EURO 2020 final, but this new dad couldn’t help but sing for England ahead of their semi-final win against Denmark – even though his wife was, you know, in labour at the time…



Yep, football fanatic, Simmie Sweeney belted out It’s Coming Home as his wife, Am Watts, endured contractions on the way to the hospital. And to make matters worse for poor Amy, excited Simmie decided to film the moment and upload it to Twitter.



The clip sees him singing the 1996 Three Lion’s hit while Amy squirms in pain. Poor soul. But don’t worry, if this were our partner, there sure would be hell to pay!



The video has now been viewed more than 400,000 times and received over 8,100 likes on Twitter! As he shared it, he jokingly asked: ‘Reckon I’ll be out in time for tonight?’.



Speaking after sharing it, Simmie teased, ‘I thought there’s no better time to let people know it’s coming home than during child labour. We’re both football fans. Amy isn’t as much of a fan as me, but she’s got involved with the Euros.’


The new dad had footie on the brain (Credit: Kennedy)


He continued, ‘I’ll be watching the clock tonight before kick off. I’ve brought the iPad so I’ll have to multi-task if the baby isn’t born by then. This is our third child. I think she’ll be more relaxed if I stick football on in the background – or I’ll be shouted at. One or the other.’



The best part? He hasn’t actually told Amy that she’s gone viral on Twitter yet. So we’re sure she’ll have enjoyed that surprise after giving birth…


We think he’s going to have some serious answering to do. But, hey, if this doesn’t symbolise England’s dedication to football, then I don’t know what does…

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