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WATCH: Man Shares Plane Crash Survivor Story on TikTok


Debunking the claims of TikToker Sugene, comedian and TikToker Ryan Kelly took to TikTok to share the story of how he survived a plane crash.


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This all happened after ‘Conspiracy Tok’ creator Sugene posted a TikTok with advice related to surviving a plane crash, saying that her procedures would ‘save your life and make you millions of dollars’. Having survived a plane crash himself, Kelly quickly hopped onto the app to argue against Sugene and prove that she was wrong, based on the events of his own plane crash…


Check out his story here:


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Kelly’s plane was caught in an electric storm after hours of delay in the early 2010’s. The most chilling image we get from Kelly’s story is the plane turning sharply to get away from the storm and a single oxygen mask dropping from the plane.



According to his story, the pilot had warned the passengers that the plane was experiencing some ‘severe technical malfunctions’ and that they required an emergency landing. Meanwhile, flight attendants were going around advising the passengers to call their loved ones.


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The engines overheated and shut down, causing the plane to dropdown. The landing was so rough that the wheels exploded as the plane stopped on the ground. Luckily, the passengers only suffered minor injuries, according to Kelly.



If it wasn’t for his comedic presentation of the story, this TikTok could have scared anyone from boarding a plane for a while!