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WATCH: Man Proves Strength Of Condoms Through Violent Tests


Although we rarely question the strength of condoms, since Sex Ed classes in secondary school we have been reminded that they aren’t 100% effective. According to Durex themselves, their condoms are 98% effective.



Reposting my most viral 🤪 #tobyjay92

♬ original sound – Tobias-Jay Brew


Tobias-Jay Brew (@tobyjay92) took to TikTok to try and find out how strong these rubber covers really are. To top it off, he tested the Durex ‘thin feel’ condoms, which are designed thinner for ‘more sensitivity’. Obviously, you’d think that these would be thinner, and therefore weaker, condoms. Well, Toby easily proved otherwise…



He started off by rolling the condom onto a cucumber and slicing the cucumber. Although the cucumber sliced well, the condom remained perfectly intact. He proceeded to slam the knife onto the cucumber. Still nothing!


white condom in blue background


Using that same condom, he inflated it to show that it was still perfectly intact. Brew put the condom onto his hand a rubbed it viciously to create friction, with nothing happening!



Filling it up with water, he tried to squeeze it to get it to pop, yet the condom remains un-disturbed. Tests complete, Toby concludes: ‘Okay, so it turns out they are durable’. Although, he wasn’t ready to give up yet.



Repost part 2 #tobyjay92

♬ original sound – Tobias-Jay Brew


In this second part, not even Toby’s slow sawing could get through the rubber. The condom is also seen repelling staples from a staple gun and pushing nails back out of the cucumber!



Many users were understandably amazed in the comments section, with some skeptical viewers wondering how all those broken-condom situations happen. With over 30,900 views, there’s plenty definitely plenty dropped jaws!


Let’s put it this way, assuming the video wasn’t faked, that’s a pretty effective advert for Durex that didn’t even cost them a cent!