WATCH: Man caught on camera leaving a Maltese restaurant without paying his bill

How broke do you have to be to go to a restaurant and leave without paying your bill?

Trick question: if you can’t afford it, you shouldn’t go in the first place.

But maybe you do afford and just like the thrill of it all.

But that all goes to sh*t when you’re caught red-handed on the restaurant’s security footage.

Footage of a man leaving a Maltese restaurant has been shared on a popular Facebook page.

The guy can be seen stealthily picking up his take-away box and making his way out of the restaurant without paying.

And apparently it’s not his first time doing this.

One of the people commenting shares:

“Ghamlha ukoll ghandi. Qam jaghzel l-helu mid display … wara talab kont.. u qal ha jmur igib card mil-karozza” (He did it with me as well. Got up to choose dessert from our dislay, asked for the bill and said he’ll go get his card from the car).

What do you think about this?

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