WATCH: Maltese travelling duo feature on UNILAD!

Maltese travel Instragrammer Karl Hili, the guy behind Hili Adventures and his travel partner Charlotte Hynnä made it to UNILAD Adventure.

Their video, which is all about travelling and the absolute joy that it brings with it, is the most feel good thing you’ll probably see all day. We’ve got some serious travel withdrawals going on right now.

Adventurers Share Their Inspirational Message

These longboarders skate through life and they have an important message about why you should travel… 😍

Publiée par UNILAD Adventure sur Vendredi 18 octobre 2019

UNILAD Adventure is all about showing people from all around the globe doing the most amazing stuff while they’re globetrotting.

It was this Maltese duo’s turn and we are seriously hooked on their adventures. The longboarders have managed to rake up over 75k views in just two days!

In the video, Karl shares how travel makes you go out of your comfort zone and speak to strangers, pushes you into new things that you never imagined yourself doing.

All you have to do is take your first step, which is both the hardest step and the easiest.

Charlotte speaks about how travelling made her challenge herself and test her limits, how sharing experiences with all the people she met made her feel meaningful and loved.

All we can say is that after watching this, we are seriously suffering from the travel bug!

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