WATCH: Maltese TikToker Recreates Accurate Maltese Home Scenario In Latest Hilarious TikTok

People have been upping their TikTok game lately – including Kyle, who’s been on a roll with his hilarious re-enactments of typical Maltese home scenarios.

He gave us this hilarious clip a couple of weeks back, and now he’s back with another, equally funny TikTok, that I’m sure many of us can relate to.

Here’s the difference between when the mother in the household is sleeping, vs when the kids are.

Check it out.

@kylexiikiDifferenza bej lomm u liben waqt lirqad 😂 ##true ##maltacomedy

♬ original sound – kylexiiki

The part where he starts slamming the mop on the floor had me in fits.

In my case, it’s usually endless banging of pots and pans as she attempted to grab the one she needed from the stack pile.

Tag your mom or someone who can completely relate to this!