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WATCH: Maltese TikToker Perfectly Shows Every Maltese Person’s Reaction When Finding A Citazzjoni


No amount of car lessons and pep talks from darling mama and papa can prepare you for what’s waiting for you in the real world of driving in Malta.

Lack of parking spaces, hidden speed cameras, sleeping policemen ready to set your car flying through the polluted Maltese skies at tens of miles an hour. Glorious freedom comes at a heavy price.



You could literally follow your driving instructor’s instructions to a T, but come one late morning on a Friday where you need to park at your location as fast as you can, and the double yellow line, that is usually completely off-limits to your parking option is now the only viable one, and you’ve had it.

Fast forward after 8 hours of blood sweat and tears, and off home you go …. Except, BHAM! – you’ve got a citazzjoni. Obviously, you’re like …



Me??? I am like literally, the poster child of how driving in Malta should be …. how dare they? And to continue on this self-pity part of getting a contravention, one Maltese TikToker has perfectly summed up literally every kind of Maltese person’s reaction to getting that dreaded citazzjoni, and if you are most definitely one of them.

Check it out.

@kylexiikiKif tamel meta taqla citazzjoni 😂😂 ##comedymalta ##characters ##funnymalta♬ original sound – Ky Le Busuttil



Personally? I’m the first one that tries to justify not having done anything wrong – I try to live in denial as much as I can – I usually also try to petition it whenever I get one (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME)…

And if we’re being honest, he did forget to include the one who calls their mom/dad telling them they got a ticket – that would probably also be me.

Which one are you? Let us know in the comments!