WATCH: Maltese TikToker Creates Malta Themed Cappuccino

Part of the fun of ordering a cappuccino from any fancy cafeteria, is seeing what shape they’ll put on the surface of your beverage.

Whether it’s a stencil on which they sprinkle chocolate, or the flick of the wrist from when they’re pouring the coffee in… we love seeing what design we’ll end up with this time around.

Now imagine being handed a cappuccino, and lo and behold, you find a map of Malta sprinkled on top, waiting for you to dig in…

@rushven.999Had to do this ##fyp ##Malta♬ original sound – dangitnelson

Look how cool that is! Can you imagine places that receive a lot of tourist customers adapting this to their coffee making routine??

And how Instagrammable it would be?

Tag a barista who needs to see this.

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