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WATCH: Maltese teens stop traffic to “Twerk it out” in the middle of a road crossing

Imagine you’re driving, minding your own business, you stop at a zebra crossing, only to find the people crossing have stopped in front of you and twerked it out for a few seconds.

No need to imagine, check it out for yourself because that actually happened in Malta and someone caught it on camera!

Tkun qed issuq….

Publiée par Malta Dizastru TOTALI !!!!!!!! sur Mercredi 16 octobre 2019


The video was posted on popular Maltese Facebook Group, Malta Dizastru Totali and many rose to the girls’ defense in the comments section.

“LIVE AND LET LIVE. They are playing 😊 they are smiling. What you want to see people crying?? Can people be a bit more positive in their lives?”

“Min jaf kemm konna nagmhlu hekk jew ndoqqu il qniepen, jew taparsi qed niggieldu u nitmekku malart bic-cajt.”

While others, weren’t so keen on the whole thing.

“Oh you two girls mocking about on the Zebra crossing. You both will be laughing so so much if by mocking about….a car will accidentally hit you….both might end up in hospital…. crippled or worse dead.”

Miskin hu min ikompli jtihom l-arja imbghad gheqirdu ghax hawn generazzjoni tal-wahx”

While many just suggested they let kids be kids.

What do you think about all of this? How would you react if you came across something like this?

Let us know in the comments.