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WATCH: Maltese Teacher Creates Avengers Themed Lessons To Teach Students Math Online

With schools closed and lessons done online, teachers have been left to their own devices, to try and make lessons as interesting as possible for their students at home.

And it seemed like one teacher in particular, Katherine Brown, who teaches at San Andrea, has excelled in this, by creating Avengers themed math lessons on YouTube, for anyone to follow.

“Being a theatre person, naturally I went for full costumes and make up. That just led naturally to proper scripts and a storyline that they could follow and get invested in,”Katherine tells Bay. 

“When I started filming lesson videos for the kids, I realised that I had to find a way to make it fun and exciting… I wanted them to be excited about their lessons and want to watch them and do them.” 

You might recognise Katherine from several musicals, pantos, and other theatrical productions that she’s taken part in. Teaching kids by day and serving it up in the world of theatre by night, it seems like she’s managed to merge the two together to create Math Avengers.

And there’s plenty more where that came from!

Combining her theatre skills with her love of teaching, Katherine has managed to creating something fun and entertaining that will make kids look forward to a little bit of math throughout their day.

“It helps that there are a number of fellow theatre people stuck at home and craving some fun theatre that they could participate in. They’ve helped me with story ideas, they ad lib a lot of their dialogue and are just a great bunch to work with. My colleagues are also having a lot of fun with it and are participating with a lot of enthusiasm as well. It’s just been great!”

And it seems like people are loving it, including other educators and the school’s administrative staff.

“The school has been on board the whole way. They’re letting me use the green screen and lighting.”

Well, Miss Brown, you’ve even managed to entertain a 25-year-old working from home, and encouraged her to refresh her math skills, so I think your mission is accomplished!

What a great initiative!

Katherine will be part of the cast of the Malta Premiere of Matilda by Masquerade