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WATCH: Maltese psychological thriller is on the big screen and you just HAVE to watch it!

weeping house of qala

The Weeping House of Qala is currently showing at the Eden Cinemas and the hype is real!

Get ready for some nail-bitingly scary moments that’ll leave you gasping for air – and a word of advice?

Take someone to grab onto, cause you won’t want to be alone for this one.

Much within the name, The Weeping House of Qala is about a Maltese film crew looking to break the myth surrounding the gorgeously abandoned old house in the middle of…. yep, you guessed it, Gozitan town, Qala.

Let’s just say … get ready to spend most of the movie at the edge of your seat.

Producer and writer Mark Doneo tells Bay: ““I’d like people to come watch our movie not just to support local talent, which is not a bad thing on its own, but because I genuinely believe that Ghost story aficionados shall have a great time.

“It’s a local legend about a family that lived in a great mansion before the war and no one has seen or heard of them since. It’s a Maltese mystery dressed up as a horror movie.”

Film fanatics are in for a treat with this one.

Spectators are in for an amazing Maltese production through and through, with ghostly surprises, signing of posters and a Q&A session with producers, all in one magical night.

The Weeping House of Qala is currently showing at the Eden Cinemas.

You can grab your tickets for the premiere by following this link!

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