Watch: Maltese personalities give Malta’s greasiest pole a go

With Malta’s greasy pole, or as others may know it, il-Gostra, getting lathered up in everything slimy and slippery for this weekend, we thought we’d grab some Maltese rising starts and see if they can tackle one of Malta’s eldest traditions.

Aleandro from Red Electrick impressed everyone when he got a flag in his first attempt… then made everyone wince with his fall.

Kurt Calleja dressed to impress with his chilli swim suit and made an amazing attempt at it.

Muxu was so close!

And well … not much to say about Daniel except that he gets an A for effort.

What is il-Gostra?

Well, in a nutshell, it’s a long wooden pole hanging over the sea, set at an angle.

Flags are placed at the end of the pole and the pole is slathered with lard and as many slippery substances as the organisers can muster.

Men then attempt to walk, run … well, get to the end of the pole and retrieve a flag before inevitably falling into the water.

It’s really entertaining to watch .. especially the falling into the water bit.

You can watch men attempt the greasy pole challenge this weekend during the St Julian’s feast celebrations.

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