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WATCH: Maltese Man Swims With Wild Dolphins

Abraham Sammut has basically just lived every animal lover’s dream – to swim with wild dolphins.

“They have been visiting us regularly for months, over a year I think, and every now and then I make sure to give them some fish to eat. I don’t give them fish every day, because I don’t want them to be tamed and be dependent on us.”

But it seems that by time, the dolphins got used to Abraham and created a bond that let them come very close to him, wait for their fish and even play around.

“The experience is an amazing one. These mammals are very intelligent. I couldn’t believe it when they recognised us and started eating fish from our hands after some months visiting us.”
“I decided to share this experience because it’s almost a once in a lifetime one. I wanted to show that although Malta is small it offers many things which many people don’t even know about.”