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WATCH: Maltese influencer Jade Zammit Stevens hangs out with Love Island stars while they’re in Malta!

The Love Island stars have landed in Malta and we are head over heels.

Georgia Steel, Jack Fowler, Hayley Hughes, Zahida Allen, Callum Izzard and Brandon Myers flew down to our little island for a special photo-shoot and they’re only here for three days!

The team hit Paceville yesterday (as one does when they’ve just landed in Malta for the first time) and happened to come across Maltese influencer Jade Zammit Stevens.

How crazy is that? And she got soooo close to Jack Fowler, it’s insane.

And it’s not just him, she even snapped some shots with Georgia too!

Lucky Jade.

But she wasn’t the only Maltese girl to snap shots with Jack Fowler.

We’ve been seeing loads of people put up photos with the Love Island royalty fam.

Jodie Farrugia and her mates also managed to get a cool shot.

But let’s be honest … jack is the only one that really matters isn’t he?

Have you got any snaps with the Love Island celebs?

DM us and we’ll give you a mention!