WATCH: Maltese Craftsman Creates Gorgeous Traditional Limestone Carvings And Sculptures

There’s something about a characteristic Maltese house that just mesmerises anyone who catches a glimpse. Whether you’re strolling around some street and spot a traditional Maltese townhouse with that typical balcony staring you right in the face, or you enter a house that has multiple carvings plastered around its walls.

Limestone has been quarried and used for construction here in Malta for much longer than anyone could ever remember.

From the oldest free-standing temples in the world to the dry stone rubble walls outlining fields, majestic fortifications, grand churches, opulent palazzos and modest townhouses, our history is basically etched in limestone.

Albeit no longer frequently used, the craft is not forgotten, and more home owners are choosing to implement tiny elements of this traditional Maltese culture into their homes, giving it that vintage edge.

One craftsman in particular, Mario Debono has given us a sneak peak into the how the lush carving and sculptures you see on the facade of these gorgeous houses are made … and we are in absolute awe.

Publiée par Mario Debono sur Dimanche 24 novembre 2019

The footage tells a story of how one particular stone emblem found on the facade of a typical Maltese townhouse is made.

From its early stages to refining the most minute of details.

Honestly? We only have one thing to say. Stunning.


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