Watch: Maltese-American US Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg, CAN speak Maltese!

Pete Buttigieg

We’ve been hearing about Pete Buttigieg for quite some time now. He’s a half Maltese-American who’s running for President of the United States.

He’s been putting Malta on the map for the past couple of months, with all of America slowly falling in love with him, and if we’re being honest … we don’t blame them.

His surname has been quite a hard one to pronounce for the Americans, with many of them pronouncing ‘Buttigieg’ as ‘Boot-edge-edge’. But apart from the question of how to pronounce his surname … there’s an even bigger question that’s been on everyone’s lips … can he actually speak Maltese?

Well, today we’ve got our answer! Check out this video of Pete Buttigieg having a conversation in Maltese!

That’s quite impressive Mayor Pete.

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