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WATCH: Malta’s Ryan Calleja on The Ellen DeGeneres Show


We broke it and announced it yesterday, and we had to wait to see exactly what Ryan Calleja did on The Ellen DeGeneres show. We had to wait till around 2am, but, good things come to those who wait.

Since the fans in Ellen’s virtual audience are from all over the world, she held her first-ever “Ellen’s Audience Olympics”! She challenged three contestants, from Malta (RYAN), Malawi, and Belgium, to go for the gold in a game of bottle flipping!



But how did it all happen? Ryan is a long-time fan of Ellen and her show, and he decided to write to her one day telling her that he wanted to be on the show, as an audience member (in virtual or physical form) and it stopped there.

“Then one day an opportunity arose for fans to send in their videos, and I decided to send one myself, although I knew the huge amount of videos they must receive on a daily basis from all over the world,” Ryan told Bay, adding that he had somewhat of a gut feeling about it though.



“All of a sudden, I get a phone call on my mobile, from the USA, and it was the Ellen production team, telling me that they gave the thumbs up for the video and that I was chosen to play a game with Ellen,” Ryan said.

Ryan had the opportunity to talk to Ellen about Malta, (and let’s face it, it does feel good to hear someone of her calibre even say our country’s name). He spoke to her about what the weather is like, and also about the time difference (during the taping it was just after midnight in Malta.)



Ellen even spoke to Ryan off-camera, thanking him, and all the fans for staying up so late. “She told us how much she appreciates us,” he said.

Ryan also told us that throughout the whole show he could see just how professional Ellen is, and he even told us that the show is taped without long pauses, with the leading woman never making any mistakes that would stop the taping.



He also commented on the positive energy he could feel from herself, and from her entire production team, where he also told us that from his point of view he did not see the toxic workplace which some segments of the media made a whole hype about before the current season started.

“There was such a good energy on set. I could feel it, even though I was there virtually,” Ryan said!

Watch the full segment below: