WATCH: Malta’s rescued horses take first gallop around their new home

Remember when local NGO managed to raise over €10,000 in funds to be able to send rescued horses to a better home abroad?

Well, the mission to give horses a new loving home is still on, and in the past few days, RMJ’s Horse Rescue have been posting a lot of photos and videos of horses who have arrived to their final destination and their new forever home, and it is simply heart-warming.

Nothing beats the feeling we get as we watch our babies from Malta take their first stretch as they feel the green grass beneath their feet and the cool air beneath their mane ♥️

Publiée par RMJ's Horse Rescue sur Samedi 19 octobre 2019

The rescue squad explain how October was an insanely busy month for them.

“In the very first few days the list of horses needing a new home went up to over 20!

“One of the downfalls of being the only horse rescue is that we feel responsible for each and every horse in need of help on this island. So you can imagine what the past 2 weeks have been like for us with the list of horses going up at a rate of 2 a day.

“Ever since October started we have been so busy taking care of all the new horses coming in. Each of our horses normally has a stable and paddock. At the moment we have so many horses that there is a horse in almost every stable AND every paddock, but caring for the horses isn’t all we have been doing.

“In between mucking out stables, preparing feeds, waiting for our own dinner to be ready at home, doing house chores and during lunch breaks at work, we are very happy to announce that tomorrow morning our transporter will be picking up 9 horses so that they can start their journey to green fields abroad!

“Last time we filled a truck which takes 7 horses but a trailer carrying another two can also be attached. This is the largest number of retired horses leaving Malta at one go!!  8 horses are going to England. The last horse is going to Spain !!

We will be updating you all throughout the day but for now we can celebrate the fact that tomorrow morning 9 horses will start making their way to large open fields and will once again get to feel the grass beneath their feet. ”

And so the horses have gotten a new home.

RMJ’s Horse Rescued thanked everyone for their donations.

If you would like to make a donation towards giving these horses a home that they deserve, you can do so by following this link!

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