WATCH: Malta’s Mnajdra steals the show as backdrop of world-renowned DJ’s solo set


One of world’s leading house music DJs has performed at Malta’s historic Mnajdra Temples.

Denis Sulta’s played an hour-long set despite a massive row that erupted when the plans were first unveiled last month.

The Glasgow-based house music producer was forced to scale back his original proposal after an public outcry.

Denis Sulta at Mnajdra Temples Malta | District x Mixmag

Denis Sulta at the 5,600-year-old Mnajdra Temple in Malta for a 60-minute showcase hosted by District and VisitMalta .

Publiée par Mixmag sur Mardi 17 septembre 2019


His set at Unesco World Heritage Site racked up an impressive 39,000 views in less than 24 hours.

The performance was also streamed live on Facebook.

Denis is no stranger to Malta.

He has perfomed a number of Maltese dance parties over the years and is a regular at the annual Lost and Found festival.

He tweeted: ‘My long love affair with Malta has been one of such delight and joy.’

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