WATCH: Malta’s Junior Eurovision song entry just released and we’re already hooked

Malta’s Junior Eurovision song entry has just been revealed and we are beyond hooked. Why?

Because half of it is in MALTESE!

‘We Are More’ is the perfect song for Eliana Gomez Blanco as it shows off the power house of a vocal she’s got.

14-year-old Eliana will be representing Malta in Poland next month with this Maltese-English hybrid pop ballad.

The video has already gathered over 45k views on YouTube since its release last Saturday and people are already going nuts over it in the comment section!

“Why does this sound like its actually a eurovision song, it shows how good it is!”

“Seriously everyone in malta can sing. I love ittt”

“Malta is here to steal the crown 😂 And they actually sing in Maltese. How amazing.”

Well guys, we are head over heels too! Can’t wait to watch Eliana live in action on that Polish stage on the 24th of November.

A huge good luck! Malta’s all behind you and we’ll definitely be watching!