WATCH: Malta to Increase Police Presence to Ensure COVID-19 Measures Are Being Followed


Speaking after the first session of the European Council, which has the COVID-19 Pandemic at the top of its agenda, Prime Minister Robert Abela announced that Malta will be further enforcing the COVID-19 Restrictive Measures which are already in place.

He said that this will be done by increasing Police presence to ensure that all the measures which were issued by the Health Authorities are being duly followed. At the same, the use of protective masks will be further encouraged.


Se nassigura li nżidu l-inforzar tar-restrizzjonijiet u li nħeġġu l-ilbies tal-maskri

Fi tmiem l-ewwel sessjoni tal-Kunsill Ewropew fi Brussell li fost oħrajn għandu fuq l-aġenda tiegħu l-pandemija tal-Covid-19, sħaqt li rridu nżidu l-inforzar tar-restrizzjonijiet u li nħeġġu l-ilbies tal-maskri.Se nassigura li jiżdiedu aktar pulizija fit-toroq biex jiżguraw rispett lejn il-miżuri kollha li ħarġu l-awtoritajiet tas-saħħa pubblika.

Publiée par Robert Abela sur Jeudi 15 octobre 2020


Dr Abela said that all EU Leaders are concerned about the rate at which cases are increasing in the continent, adding that the increased police presence and the use of masks are two important factors that will definitely help control the spread.



“One main appeal at today’s council session was that we cannot close our economies. We need to keep a balance between the economy and health at this very delicate moment. This is a very important balance even in this situation which might carry on for months, therefore it is not a situation where restrictions can be added or harshened, but we need to have a sustainable approach in the short-term, in the medium-term and potentially in the long-term,” PM Abela said.

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