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Watch: Malta outraged at teen’s prank in a Maltese store

A post went viral on RUBS Malta this morning after a video of a teen licking granita and putting it back in the shop’s freezer was shared on the popular Facebook page.

The teen posted the prank on up and coming social media platfrom Tik Tok.

People were outraged at the act, with many being quick to scold the teen for what seemed to be a heinous act.

Over a 180 people commented, giving their opinion on the matter.

Some called him a ‘kesahlu’, some a ‘bezaqlu’.

Concern arose about the possibility of spreading disease: ‘Ok, so our kids may end up having that granita, meaning if you have some kind of disease, then you are spreading it around. This is a criminal act and should be treated accordingly’

And many questioned how the shop owner wasn’t aware of what was happening.

Some, on the other hand, quickly rose to his defence, telling others to ‘chill’ as it was only a prank.

‘It’s a TikTok video bloody hell! No form of sense of humour in this country!’

‘People need to chill…its clearly a joke end of story.’

The kid behind the prank commented at the end saying that it was all a prank and that he had actually paid for the granita before licking it and putting it back and that he did actually take it home.

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