Malta outraged at students for inappropriately singing during UOM anatomy class

Footage was released this morning during a UOM anatomy class.

Students who are about to witness a body being dissected in front of them, can be seen holding their lit up phones while singing Michael Jackson’s ‘We are the World’

The footage was quickly shared on Facebook but was removed later in the evening.

Many were in complete disbelief and questioned whether this is what awaited those who leave their body to the University for research.

“The most disturbing thing about this let’s say performance lecture is the fact that the Professor whom I assume is an academic and a practicing health practitioner is leading all of this. Did he ever hear of the Maltese saying “L-eżempju jkaxkar”? What kind of education is he trying to make his students persue? Is he trying to be fun or what? If so, he should find more ethical and creative ways to do so.”

“Ma kienux qed jghamlu ritwal sataniku but I expect a lot more from our future doctors rather than have a sing-a-long with a corpse present. Post il-kant hu go karaoke bar il-Qawra.”

Some didn’t seem too bothered

So what if they are singing before a disection. The cadaver is already dead he/she wont hear anything. Bunch of snowflakes thats what you all are

But one of the comments quickly clarified things for all of us

“The music was being played before the cadaver came in, it was just a way how this lecturer started the lecture (as odd as it sounds), as a way to break the ice. None of the videos were taken to ridicule the cadaver, in fact, during the 4 hours of dissection that took place (when the cadaver was actually exposed and the centre of attention), no one passed a single comment or took a video/photo (as far as I know, obviously). All of the content was removed out of respect once it was brought to our attention that it came across as offensive and apologies have been sent. Actions from the end of the faculty were still taken and this lecturer’s lectures were all cancelled.”


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