WATCH: Malta mentioned on super popular American TV game show

It seems like Malta has crowned a new king thanks to popular American TV Game Show, ‘Let’s Make a Deal.’

It all started when contestant Jenise Spiteri (that sounds pretty Maltese tbh) shared that she was to represent Malta in the Olympics as a snowboarder before sustaining an injury.

Let’s just say that from that point on, the show’s focus shifted heavily onto our little island, with show-host and comedian Wayne Brady having a field day on all things Malta.

Let's Make A Deal

By the end of today's show, Wayne became the king of Malta!? Let's Make a Deal is now officially Malta's most popular game show.

Publiée par Let's Make A Deal sur Vendredi 20 décembre 2019

From taking some creative liberty with our national anthem, to being crowned the king of Malta, and to having a trip to Malta as one of the prizes, it was one hell of an episode.

Jenise Spiteri was supposed to represent Malta in the Olympic games of 2018, but unfortunately suffered a knee injury that would not let her compete. Jenise regularly shares everything from updates on her recovery to her trips around the US online, with her 20,000 subscribers closely following her adventures.

Well, Wayne Brady, as our new “king” we’d be more than happy to give you the royal treatment if you were ever to visit.

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