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WATCH: “Malta is an amazing place full of very generous people and I’m very proud to be living on this island”

On the latest episode of Bay Chats, our team sat down with Mark Weingard, the brains behind to talk about their upcoming concert this weekend, and the future of this community platform that has taken the island by storm.

In case you’ve been living under a rock and have not yet heard of, Mark describes it as a “way to guide people through these troubled times. A Community platform that helps keep people active through different ways, with a number of activities you can find online, guides to entertainment, and lots and lots of competitions.”

The website helps promote different initiatives and helps people find help when needed.

Throughout the past couple of weeks, we’ve been seeing big faces in football send inspirational messages to us Maltese bunch, and during Bay Chats, Mark confirms that we have yet to see David Beckham give it a go during this weekend’s online concert.

Malta Together’s festival of gratitude and inspiration will be streamed online on all media channels, and available to watch on TVM. It will be streamed in Maltese on TVM and in English on all other platforms.

Malta Together's Mark Weingard Chats To Bay!

Malta Together's Mark Weingard chats To Drew & Noel during another episode of Bay Chats!

Publiée par 89.7 Bay sur Jeudi 30 avril 2020

Mark speaks about how the festival is a mixture of bringing all of Malta together, with singers and performers keeping us entertained from the comfort of their homes to ours.

Funds will be raised throughout the whole concert for three charities.

“On Monday morning, I started calling some people personally, to see if they’d be willing to pledge for the concert. Before the festival has even started, over €250,000 have already been pledged by Maltese companies and individuals here in Malta.

“Most businesses are struggling. They lost money through lack of business this pandemic has brought with it … but they’ve understood that even in times like these, we must help those less fortunate than us.

“Malta is an amazing place full of very generous people and I’m very proud to be living on this island.”

52 different artists will be taking part in this project, all singing from home, and they’ve even brought a few international stars.

“It’s been hard – interviewing health workers, supermarket employees, pharmacies, all to highlight our new modern superheroes.

“If there’s anything positive that COVID-19 has brought with it, it’s that we have started realising the value of the common man and woman in the street. Doctors and nurses are as valuable as our singers or politicians. And the show aims to do just that – pay tribute to these heroes!”

“We chose three causes – Richmond foundation, Malta Trust and Inspire. You can send your donations to the numbers below, and your donations will go directly to them.”

Richmond Foundation 50618093 €4.66

Inspire 50618080 €4.66

Malta trust 5061 810 €6.99

But Malta Together is not just about this weekend’s festival, or about the website created.

“Maltatogether is about a community platform available to all of Malta going forward. To make the community aware of the cultural events and philanthropic activities in this country.”

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Maltatogether!

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