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WATCH: Malta Chooses Its Junior Eurovision Song Contest Entry


Chanel Monseigneur will be representing Malta on the 29th November at this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which will be different than usual, with participants singing from their home country.

Chanel was born on the 2nd of January 2011 and lives in Mosta. It was at an early age that she showed interest and passion for singing. Her first singing and music theory lesson was 3 years ago but she always showed interest in learning the piano, so she added piano lessons last year.



Her song, Chasing Sunsets has been written by Emil Calleja Bayliss and composed by her own cousin Aleandro Spiteri Monseigneur, Peter Borg and Joe Roscoe from Red Electrick!



Chanel started participating in various local competitions where she was always praised and encouraged to keep on nourishing her talent. Last December she was awarded as the ‘Best Singer of The Year’ in a local competition.



In 2018 she participated in her first-ever international competition held in Lithuania (Music Talent League) achieving a 1st place in her age group. Last summer she also had the opportunity to participate in ‘Talent World Contest’ (Italy) and in ‘Riga Symphony’ (Latvia) last December, placing 1st in both competitions with only a few marks away from winning the Gran Prix award.

Malta has quite a success story in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, having won it twice, thanks to the stellar voices of Gaia Cauchi and Destiny Chukunyere, and having also hosted it twice!



Meanwhile, Leah Mifsud placed second with ‘Anywhere’ and Mychael Bartolo Chircop placed third with ‘The Child from Inside’. Leah Mifsud’s song was written and composed by local singer Aidan, with this being his first-ever composition in the contest.

Well done to all the participants, who are all winners in their own right!